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Our healthcare system is broken, and decisions are often made based on costs rather than quality and outcomes.

Health Visions believes that every patient should be empowered.  Our mission is to teach patients lifelong skills that they can use to get care for themselves and their loved ones.  Physicians are natural advocates for patients as well, but they also are frustrated by the insurance system.

Health Visions created Coverlipedema.com to give patients and physicians the tools to work together efficiently and effectively to address insurance issues.

We are not a law firm. We are patient advocates who have created a web-based service that has enabled lipedema surgery coverage of over $2.5 million for over sixty women. We have legal, medical, patient advocacy, and media experience, and we work with the best lipedema surgeons in the country. Our success comes from a collection of effective strategies and exclusive documents based on our experience and the latest medical research that enable our members to make compelling arguments for prior authorization, the appeal of denial, and fair and reasonable payment.

We are driven by our personal experience with lipedema and the belief that lipedema is a disease for which treatment should be covered by insurance. We created Coverlipedema.com to make this process accessible and affordable by leveraging the web to widely offer the means to obtain coverage for only $775 to $1,275.  Before Coverlipedema.com, our fees for personal services ranged from $4,000 to $6,000 per case, and we could only handle a limited number of clients. We can now get more women covered in less time for a lower cost.

Obviously, lipedema treatment is medically necessary. However, coverage is challenging due to the lack of awareness, concerns about costs, and misconceptions about the disease and traditionally cosmetic techniques like liposuction.

We give you the tools that you need to get coverage at fair rates without costing you many thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

We are independent. We do not represent any insurance plans. We do not represent any physicians. We will not try to sell you an insurance plan or refer you to doctors. However, we will tell you about our experiences with both concerning insurance coverage for lipedema.

We have a unique collection of coverage determinations, paid claims, and single-case agreements between surgeons and insurance plans that can make the difference for you in getting covered or winning an appeal. 

Health Visions, though Coverlipedema.com, is proud to be a part of helping women regain their function, reduce their pain, and live fulfilling lives.

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