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Two essential considerations before you join:

1. Your Insurance Plan

We are confident that we can cover anyone with most commercial group insurance plans for lipedema surgery.  So, if you are covered by any major plan such as Aetna, Anthem, any Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Federal Employee Plan, Tricare, Humana, or United Healthcare, you can join immediately. However, if you are covered by Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, you must contact us to discuss before joining to discuss your options. We can also help you if you have most employer, union, or individual plans. However, if you are covered by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid, then you have to contact us before joining to discuss your options. Before using our contact form to send us an email, we ask that your read our blog post, Medicare and Medicaid for Lipedema Surgery Coverage Update, to learn more about your options to obtain fairly covered surgery. If you are covered by Kaiser or cost sharing plans, please contact us for advice before joining.

2. Your Surgeon

We can only assist you if you work with one of our recommended surgeons. While you can choose to work with whatever surgeon you wish, our process will only be successful with the recommended surgeons that we introduced on the Your Surgeon page. These surgeons include the following:

Karol Gutowski, MD  |  Chicago, Illinois  |  drgutowski.com

Boris Volshteyn, MD  |  West Long Branch, New Jersey  |  Atlantic Surgical Associates

Thomas Hagopian, MD | Atlanta, Georgia |Hagopian Plastic Surgery

Omar Beidas, MD |  Orlando, Florida | Advent Health

Mark Domanski, MD  |  Fairfax, Virginia  |  Bluemont Plastic Surgery

Liza Kim, MD  |  Sacramento, California  |  916-705-2798  |  LSK Plastic Surgery

Daniel Krochmal, MD  |  Chicago, Illinois  |  The Krochmal Center for Plastic Surgery

Adam Schaffner, MD  |  New York City  |  Plastic Surgeon NYC

Joshua Elston, MD  |  Seattle, Washington  |  Elston Clinic

John Larson, MD  |  Newport Beach, California  | New Website Coming Soon

Syed M. Sayeed, MD  | Manhasset, NY (Long Island)  | sayeedmd.com

Matthew DelMauro, MD  |  New York, NY  |  drmatthewdelmauro.com

M.R. Khalifeh, MD  |  Washington, DC  | dccosmetics.com

Solomon (Sol) Azouz, MD  |  Dallas, TX | drazouz.com

Beth Collins, MD | Guilford and Mystic, CT | Beth Collins, MD

If you are unsure which surgeon would be best for you, you can still join, and we will help you decide based on your stage of lipedema, insurance, and location. We also have several surgeons who are not on this list but who are accepting lipedema patients on a case-by-case basis in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, and Texas.

Please contact us before joining if the surgeon you wish to work with is not on this list. Many surgeons are not appropriate candidates for our processes. They may not follow the standards of safety and effectiveness or are not really committed to working with insurance. We are sorry if you are committed to one of these, and we wish you luck on your coverage journey with them. If you already have a board-certified plastic surgeon who operates in a hospital and does not require full payment in advance, not on our list, please contact us. You may help us and the lipedema community find a new insurance-friendly surgeon who performs safe and effective surgery.

If you have a compatible insurance plan and will be working with one of our recommended surgeons, please continue to join.

Your Coverage Process Membership benefits include:

  • Full access to the Coverage Process, including all coverage steps, documents, and downloads for $299.
  • Personal Advocacy by the Staff of Coverlipedema.com
  • Access to Coverlipedema.com for questions regarding your coverage request
  • A complete review of your preauthorization request before submission
  • Upgrade to the Appeal Process to appeal a full or partial denial, if needed, for $399
  • Access to the Network Process to resolve network and payment issues, if needed, for $699
  • The Coverlipedema.com Guarantee, if you do not get covered, we’ll keep working with you until you get covered. Because of this guarantee, we do not offer refunds.
  • Your membership term is for 12 months. If you need more time, we will extend your membership without additional cost.

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