helps you get your lipedema treatment covered by your health insurance

Lipedema is a disease and surgery to treat it should be covered by health insurance. There is no reason that people should be draining their savings or borrowing money to pay for their surgery.

Over the past two years, we have helped dozens of patients get covered and reimbursed for their surgery. Many people are winning when they have to appeal and many smaller plans will cover you without an appeal. Even if you are covered, you may need help because an approval does not mean that you will get reimbursed a reasonable amount.

Cover Lipedema has solutions for these situations:

  • You want fair coverage by your insurer.
  • You need to appeal a denial of coverage.
  • You have to get a network gap exception.
  • You want reimbursement of your self-payment.

Our Process


Step 1

You tell us where you are in your lipedema journey including your insurance and your coverage needs.


Step 2

We analyze your history and your insurance plan to create a strategy designed to gain the best coverage possible.


Step 3

We guide you through a step by step process and give you the documents that you need to succeed.

We help you avoid crucial mistakes such as:

  1. Failure to get out-of-network gap coverage
  2. Failure to get a Functional Assessment in certain cases
  3. Sending too many or the wrong supporting documents
  4. Not knowing what is fair and reasonable payment
  5.  Thinking that you don’t need prior authorization

Learn What You Need to Do

Even if you pay cash for your surgeries, it’s much better to start the coverage or appeal process first.  In about a third of cases, you can get covered before or while you are having surgeries.  Using our database of payment information, patients  could get reimbursed between $7,500 and $15,000 per surgery. Even Medicare and Medicaid patients are getting covered. The process can still be challenging and can take between three and nine months. Patients and providers make mistakes, so it’s important to know the steps and what you need to do. helps you develop a custom insurance strategy and provides you with the steps and documents you need to submit along the way.

We have obtained coverage for our clients from these insurance companies:


United Healthcare



Blue Shield California

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield

CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Humana Medicare Advantage


Health Partners


State Medicaid Programs

Federal Employees


Other individual and employer plans

And we’re working on many more.


“Cover Lipedema walked me through the process of getting my insurance company to cover the costs of multiple pain-reducing, mobility-increasing procedures. . . .Women with lipedema should know that there is a real possibility of getting insurance coverage for their necessary surgeries.  This is a fight worth taking on!”  



We help you get the fair and reasonable coverage of your claims that you deserve.

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