What Our Members Say About Us

I am so grateful for coverlipedema.com! Not only did they provide me with a step-by-step process to gathering the necessary documents to submit to my insurance company, but they were extremely helpful and responsive to my questions every step of the way. The process was very easy and SO QUICK!! I received my approval for all FOUR surgeries just THREE days after submitting my documents to Aetna. Three days after that, I received my approval for my surgeon to be treated as an in-network provider. I was AMAZED at how FAST everything was happening! The next step was to get a single case agreement signed between Aetna.  I did not have to pre-pay anything other than my deductible and co-insurance!! All together, the process for everything to be signed, sealed, and approved took less than a month!! I am SO amazed!! If you need these procedures, do not hesitate to contact coverlipedema.com!!


I thank my lucky stars that Coverlipedema.com got involved.  They had the contacts and the knowledge to press for coverage for me.  They called and emailed all the top dogs and legal counsel from the insurance company, my employer and the third party that my employer hires to handle their insurance issues.  This has been a TOUGH fight and BCBS of Texas finally agreed to cover but they still made it very hard.  There is no way I could have managed this on my own. The amount of money you will spend to have Coverlipedema.com advocate for you is the best money you will ever spend.  I highly recommend you visit their website and sign up.   


Two weeks ago I got approved for approximately 60k in surgery from CIGNA with the help of Cover Lipedema. They made sure that I was covered after a poor quality review and, as with every women who gets covered with them knows, their fees are a small price to pay for 60k in surgery. I know I would not have gotten approval on my own. Keep up the fight, sisters. We’re in the fight for our lives. ♥♥♥ I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Cover Lipedema. They are an ally and partner in care that has knowledge, experience, contacts and resources that a patient could never have. I have advocated for over 20 years and realized when I was in over my head and needed their help and guidance. I am so grateful.


I used them and got covered. There was no way I could have gone it alone. I looked at it and I felt really overwhelmed. Also, your odds of getting reimbursed AFTER you’ve had surgery are slim. Often IF insurance companies reimburse it’s often at 1/3 or less. After all, they know they’ve got you, why would they pay? So for me, the risk was too high..I didn’t want to wait after I tried for a year and possibly failed. The money they charge it’s actually cheap for what you are getting in my opinion. I saved myself over $60,000!


I recommend joining now. I worked for the largest insurer in the nation IN prior auths when I started trying to get covered and failed at every level, despite knowing the rules from the inside (because they were my insurance company, too).

I finally hired Coverlipedema.com at the beginning of this year and followed their process. My first surgery is coming up in 2 weeks, SCA, Gap, and all and that was after going through what was for me a 5 month long process to get everything together (some life in between, of course).

I delayed hiring them for the same reason (money is tight), but in the end, my out of pocket cost for everything pre-surgery was less than $2k (including travel to the surgeon and consultation fee) and to me, that’s a small price to pay to finally be on the way to getting rid of this tissue.

I spent 3.5 years fighting on my own before I joined and I could’ve saved myself all of that stress and heartache and already be enjoying my new non-lippy body if I had just bitten the bullet to begin with.


My insurance was going to reimburse $1200. After Coverlipedema got involved they covered $10,500. Well worth the cost for me. I have Tricare Select East


I just got all my surgeries pre-approved with a Single Case Agreement thanks to the amazing help from coverlipedema.com.

Long story short, I was first with Premera through my employer last year and coverlipedema.com helped me getting reimbursement for the two surgeries I paid out of pocket and coverlipedema.com helped me get my surgeries covered.

This year I am with Aetna and coverlipedema.com helped me getting a single case agreement to have my last 3 surgeries pre-approved. I will only need to cover the copay and deductible (which I already met for the year).

Bottom line my ladies, don’t be discouraged, don’t think you can’t get the surgeries you need. With the support of coverlipedema.com it IS possible getting coverage not only through one insurance company but two! Can’t thank coverlipedema.com enough for their help in making this possible. They stayed with me, supporting my case even as I had to switch insurance.


Coverlipedema helped me get reimbursed fairly for my surgeries after paying cash and trying to do it on my own. It was a fight and their knowledge was essential, but make sure you start the process before surgery if you can


Although UHC doesn’t cover lipedema surgery yet, I used the coverlipedema process to appeal.  It took a few months but now I’m covered and working on a single case agreement for my out-of-network surgeon.


I won coverage against CIGNA using coverlipedema’s fantastic appeal process. So easy to use with their guidance and very focused on convincing the reviewer to cover the surgery with their strong evidence and arguments.