Why Use Coverlipedema.com?

If lipedema surgery were treated as most other medically necessary procedures, you would not need help to get your surgery covered. Your surgeon, who has extensive insurance experience with your medical condition, would simply submit a form and your insurance would approve it. You would then pay your co-insurance percentage and co-payments based on your deductible for your covered surgery. Unfortunately, lipedema insurance coverage does not work that way. Insurance companies, to a greater or lesser degree, hesitate to cover liposuction for lipedema surgery. Most lipedema surgeons and staff are not very experienced with insurance coverage for lipedema surgery.  Because of this, you need Coverlipedema.com.

Coverlipedema.com Understands Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are motivated by their concerns about covering lipedema surgery. First, many insurers don’t fully understand lipedema and its debilitating impact. Second, they fear that surgeons are trying to get cosmetic procedures covered as medical procedures. They are afraid of this turning into the next lap-band insurance scam, where surgeries were covered based on questionable criteria costing hundreds of millions of dollars in claims. Third, insurance companies are also concerned about the potential cost of covering lipedema surgeries for thousands of women. Coverlipedema.com understands these concerns and knows how to address them to get its members covered.

Coverlipedema.com Knows Lipedema Surgeons

Most surgeons who treat lipedema with liposuction are plastic or cosmetic surgeons. Traditionally and practically, they and their staff have limited experience with insurance preauthorization and appealing denials because their practices are usually cash-based. Typical plastic and cosmetic procedures are not covered by most insurance plans. It’s not just that they prefer cash payments over insurance, but that is the mode in which they usually operate. You should not expect them to be experts in an area in which they are not experienced. Additionally, surgeons know that if you fail to get covered, you will find a way to borrow money or use credit cards to pay for your surgery upfront to get relief from your symptoms. This creates a disincentive for them to deal with insurance in the first place. This seems to apply especially to surgeons who have created a bottom-line business focused lipedema surgery practice that includes extensive marketing with a prominent social media presence, questionably trademarked procedures and a self-owned surgery center.

Coverlipedema.com has Developed Important Relationships

Additionally, because most lipedema surgeons and their staff do not interact with insurance companies, independent review organizations, and state and federal agencies on a regular basis, they have not developed the relationships that Coverlipedema.com has developed. We frequently contact these entities on a policy basis or on an individual member basis to further the cause of lipedema insurance coverage.

Coverlipedema.com has a Track Record of Lipedema Coverage

Even if lipedema surgeons say they can get you covered, lipedema coverage is a relatively recent occurrence that changes on an almost weekly basis. In our experience, no practice has demonstrated a track record of consistently getting approvals for their patients without our assistance. Sure, many claim they get their patients covered and may have somehow gotten coverage for a couple of patients, but we don’t know any who can tell you that they have helped over three hundred women get fairly covered with multiple insurance companies, as we have done.

Coverlipedema.com Knows How to Get Lipedema Surgery Covered

Because of the situation with insurance companies and lipedema surgeons, getting coverage can be extremely challenging and fraught with mistakes that can cause your coverage request and your appeals to be denied. This is not a do-it-yourself project. You need specialized knowledge to overcome the challenges that insurance companies have created. You also need the advice of someone who has experience overcoming those challenges. If you have the right approach, it is almost impossible for an insurance company to deny your requests. Coverlipedema.com has created a process that gets lipedema covered by most insurance companies.

I used them and got covered. There was no way I could have gone it alone. I looked at it and I felt really overwhelmed. . . . The money they charge it’s actually cheap for what you are getting in my opinion. I saved myself over $60,000!


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