How it works assists with both Coverage and Payment issues. After you register, we review your plan and create a strategy for you. For plans that cover lipedema, we provide guidance in drafting and submitting the coverage request.  


If your plan covers lipedema or you win coverage on appeal, requesting out-of-network coverage is essential before surgery or the plan might pay only a few thousand dollars or not at all.  We also advise you on how to succeed when requesting that an out-of-network surgeon be treated as in-network to reduce your copays and deductibles and increase payment rates.


If you need to appeal, we help you draft your appeal to address why you were denied care. In addition to concise medical journal summaries and unique arguments for coverage, we provide the latest examples from our database showing other payer coverage decisions and external reviews that make the physician reviewer feel comfortable overturning the denial.  We also advise on various strategies to ensure your review is done by an unbiased and qualified review company.

Payment also walks you through submitting claims and challenging poor payment with our database of dozens of examples paid claims and single case agreements where some surgeons agree to bill the insurance company directly.  

How Much Does It Cost?

Costs to use to obtain coverage and payment through an appeal is $1,275. If your plan covers lipedema without an appeal, then the cost is $775 to ensure that you have properly address the out-of-network and reimbursement challenges that still can be very difficult to work through.  

Your Next Step

Please visit the information pages specific to your plan for more information and then complete the form below to register and start working towards getting your surgeries covered!