As patient advocates, we have always focused on increasing access to fair coverage of safe lipedema surgery. When we began advocating on behalf of lipedema patients, our fees started at $3,000 and we were able to only help a few women. After creating Coverlipedema.com, we were able to advocate for more women while lowering our initial fees to $750 and then to $500. Now, as we are able to further leverage our knowledge and experience, we are able to lower our fee for the Coverage Process to $399 as of June 1. Over the past three years, we have helped over 300 women get fair coverage for their safe surgeries. We are excited to be able to help even more women overcome the burden of their lipedema. We are also finding more plastic surgeons who treat lipedema safely and who are willing to work with insurance without requiring upfront payment. Now is a great time to get started on covering your surgeries for next year. Read through our website and make an appointment for a telephone consultation to learn more.