Schedule an Appointment for a $99 Consultation Phone Call

Since we have decided to keep our Coverage Process fee at $299, we have decided to charge a fee for our Consultation Phone call. Most of our members will not require a consultation call to be able to start and complete our Coverage Process. We have provided a dedicated system to allow communication via our Member Contact Form. However, we know that some people would like to speak with us before joining. For those people, we have made paid consultation calls available.

Please use the form below to schedule an appointment for a consultation phone call to discuss your options for lipedema insurance coverage. This hour log call has a fee of $99.  You will be able to choose an available day and time for a one-hour session within the next two weeks. After you choose your time, you will let us know your name, email address, phone number, insurance company and surgeon. If you have not chosen a surgeon, or are considering several, please let us know. Once you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email which has a link that allows you to edit your information or reschedule or cancel your appointment. There a no refunds for the $99 Consultation Phone Call. If you are not able to keep your appointment time, please reschedule using the instructions in your confirmation email.

Please be familiar with our web pages Why Use Us, How It Works, your insurer page of Your Insurance, and Your Surgeon before your appointment. We look forward to speaking with you.

If you are insured by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid, please read the page on Medicare and Medicaid in “Your Insurance” before making an appointment.

If you are an active Coverlipedema.com member, please do not schedule an appointment here. Instead, use the Member Priority Contact page to send us a message and we will respond ASAP.

This page was updated on 8 February 2022